Learning to be a Photographer


St. John Plantations

Part 3 of 3. These are pictures of the old plantations that were on St. John that are ruins now.

St. John Wildlife and Scenery

Part 2 of 3

St. John Bays

I have so many pictures from my trip last January, that I have decided to split them into three different posts. These are my pictures of the bays of St. John

Oxford Wedding

I went to my cousin’s wedding in Oxford a couple months ago, and I brought my camera along too. These are my favorite pictures from the reception.


St. John’s Sunset

Beautiful sunset from my trip to St. John last January



This is an adorable puppy that I had fun taking pictures of.


Swing, Take 2

I enjoyed taking pictures of the swing so much I went back the next day to take more.


Mallard Family

Found a Family of Mallards on Campus today.  They let me get crazy close to them so I took a lot of pictures.